Defence Attorney in Peter King Trial Murdered

Defence Attorney in Peter King Trial Murdered

The defence attorney who represented Sheldon Pusey, the man who is accused of killing Peter King, was murdered in his home this morning. According to report attorney Berry Bryan was stabbed to death in his Stony Hill residence. His client Sheldon Pusey is accused of killing former ambassador Peter King in a sensational high profile case.

Peter King was rumored to be involved inĀ  homosexual relationships involved many well known figures including entertainers, and other public individuals. His death keeps the rumour mill burning with untold and unfounded stories. It has also been rumored that there are several video tapes under police guard that if made public would cause many well known personalities to run for cover. It is also believe that the mysterious tapes may have led to the death of attorney Berry Bryan.

This case has created so much ruckus that many dance hall recordings have been done about it. DJ’s accuse other DJ’s of being the ones on the tape and it goes on and on. With Jamaica attitude towards homosexuality, you can be assured that the rumours will continue to flow.



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