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ghostDo You Believe in Duppy (Ghost)? This is a question that for many cannot get a clear answer.
I  was totally confused a couple years ago when my family including myself went to Jamaica to bury my brother Dave who had passed away approximately two hours after he was discharged from the emergency room with complaint of back pain was a terrible time for the family seeing that he was the youngest of twelve and the first one to go.
Everything went well he had a good funeral and we said our good byes.
Family,relatives and friends went their separate ways. My immediate family which includes my husband,one of my daughter and two grandchildren were traveling together. When we went to the airport our flight was overbooked and so when the airport personnel asked to buy our seats we did not hesitate.
The airport personnel made the necessary arrangements,we signed what we need to sign and was introduced to the driver who will take us to the airport the next day.
Our driver then took us back home we were happy to spend another night in Jamaica.we were also glad that I would be able to go to my mom’s house before we leave in the morning to tell my brother good bye, seeing that I didn’t because it was such a rush to get the kids and the food together.
We got up the morning ready to leave for the airport,it was easier to pack that morning seeing that we just have to take the frozen Ackee and patties from the freezer.The driver called us,he will be on time.
We packed ourselves and luggage in the van we told him that we would like for him to drive up the hill so I could tell my mom good bye.
My mom was waiting on the varanda I told her good bye then my husband and I ran to the back of the house to say goodbye to my brother. The driver was in the van a little way from the house as we say our goodbyes.
After the goodbyes we walked to the van holding my grandchildren hands and helping them in the van then we were seated and ready to go,but the driver did not move so we told him that we are ready. His response was “the guy didn’t come in as yet”.  My husband then answered that we are all here but the driver responded no he didn’t come in.My husband then said you mistaken my daughter for a guy, she’s here. The driver then said no man I know girl from husband then answered oh you talking about him pointing at my little driver started to get anger the guy was walking with you when you was coming towards the van and he was dressed up as if he was that point it dawned on me that probably it was my little brother who we buried days before was trying to return to the state with us.
I told the driver that he’s not coming and that we will explain to him what happened. The driver drove off and we explain to him who he saw..the driver didn’t say much after.we listen to the music that he played quietly we complement him about his van but he didn’t say much..
He was grateful when we reached Norman Manley International airport he hurriedly assisted us out of the vehicle then drove off.
My husband and I we left dazed as to what transpired,we didn’t know what to conclude from what had happened seeing that we didn’t believe in duppy/ghost or did my brother have us thinking otherwise…
Maria Buchanan
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