This is unreal when the deputy commissioner of the Jamaica Police Force said that he was not hired to fight crime. This only shows that he is not qualified for the job . If he were, then he would not have

made such a statement.

The main purpose of the police force is to keep the citizen of Jamaica safe. As the deputy the second to the head of the institution he should be aware that his job encompass all aspect of the institution and its purpose.

Deputy Shields you need to go. Taxpayer has paid you enough for nothing. No wonder we are in this type of dilemma today. If you don’t think fighting crime is a part of your job description then whose job is it to fight crime. Do you believe that the Jamaica government needs to set up another institution specifically to fight crime? If so what would be the purpose of the police force and specifically what is your purpose Deputy Shields.

Why is the government paying you big bucks for all these years? When did you wake from your slumber and realize that fighting crime is part of your responsibility. You are disrespecting the intelligence of the Jamaican people and assisting with the destruction of our country by standing on the sideline and do nothing.