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Jamaica Ganja Controversy is a slap in the face…Jamaica having a Colorado group, team, investors, explorer, consultant or whatever they may call themselves in Jamaica to teach Jamaica how to grow weed.
Mi muma, never heard nothing like this. Jamaica have good organic herb that Jamaicans have been growing for years, Jamaica have scientists that have been experimenting on weed for years, consumers both locals and tourists who have been enjoying the good Jamaica ganja. This is an insult to have hurry come up foreign people with a hurry come up company coming to teach us something we already know and have been doing for years..
Is this déjà vu.. is this the second coming of Christopher Columbus…Jamaicans lawmakers and people musa lick them head…because only crazy people would have opened that door to invite such people.
We don’t have oil or we don’t have vast wealth that was handed down to us .. We had bauxite now it gone, sugar cane that gone too and now they want to take away the weed after so many Jamaicans suffer, go to prison and even die.
This can’t be right Jamaicans wake up ..wake up before it’s too late

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