US Sprinter Carl Lewis expresses doubts about Usain Bolt WR

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US Sprinter Carl Lewis expresses doubts about Usain Bolt WR

Usain_bolt2 In the Sports Illustrated magazine dated 09/11/08, Us sprinter Carl Lewis gave an interview in which he implied that Usain Bolt may have been under the influence of drugs when he broke the world record at the Olympics. Carl Lewis did not outrightly accused Bolt of cheating, but he expressed doubts about the ability of Bolt to run the 100 meter in 9.69 seconds and also at  Jamaica drug testing system.

When one reads the interview it its entirety it is very apparent that Carl Lewis, despite his many achievements, is an angry, covetous, envious, grudgeful, and deceitful person. Did Carl Lewis expect that any records that he set several years ago will not be broken? Has he ever read the history of the wild,wild west? where some of the fastest gunmen alive then was out gunned by someone younger and faster? Carl Lewis then went on to compare the drug testing ability of Jamaica as it relates to that of the USA. Carl Lewis forgot that the USA did not catch on to Marion Jones until she was busted by the Olympic officials. It is very bad taste for a former Olympian to be downplaying the performance of someone who outperforms him/her. Let others do that dirty work. In this world there is good, better, best ,and guess what? someone will also beat Usain Bolt someday.

Carl Lewis needs to enjoy his retirement and stop badmouthing other athletes. He is coming off like a sour old grape. Bolt underwent some of the most sophisticated drug testing offered by the Olympic committee and if he were positive, Lewis would be the first to know. If he is found to be positive in the future then you can talk, but right now you are not looking too good.

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Outraged!! says:

He is bitter because his positive dope tests were made public and HIS achievements will forever be tainted. Not by malicious and spiteful accusations such as he directs at the Jamaican athletes, but by FACTS!
He can’t fathom Usain’s achievements because he truly has no idea what it means to have such accomplishments without drugs.
It’s not enough to insult Jamaican athletes, but this self-righteous bigot has called me a fool because I don’t share his propensity for malice… because I’m willing to accept the test results that these athletes are clean… because I’m not a miserable ex-junkie with an axe to grind.
Is anyone surprized that Lewis found solace in spewing his venom at S.I. who has been on a witch-hunt for Usain Bolt? I truly beleive that these haters will try to ‘set up’ Bolt in order to prove their suspicions.
Carl Lewis has now proven to me that he has as much class as sewer-rat… then again… that’s all he really is!!
I so wish that the Jamaican officals could find a way to sue these hatefilled bigots in the USA; use their money to fund the athletes programme; and continue to kick their butts til hate consumes them to death!!!

ganjababy says:

It’s not surprising that what Carl Lewis has to say is negative. I mean why should people listen to a badminded, envious old sportsman like him. If you want truth and rights about sprinting,someone who genuinely and openmindedly will speak it as it is then listen to Michael Johnson. Very intelligent gentleman he is and knows what he is all about when he was commentating on the Olympics. Carl Lewis is of the past, let us bury him with the past and leave him there,he has proven to me that he is a typical narrow minded black man who don’t like to see another black man strive.

Lillian Roberts says:

Hail up
i would like to think that we are all in agreement when I say Carl Lewis is a very sad individual. This very sad man is in need of some friends and attentions. When reading the article which he made is unwanted comments you noted that his vocabulary was very limited. He knows very little if anything about his past. The late Marcus Garvey said “A man without his past is like a tree without it’s root”. If Lewis knew his history do you think he would behave in such a short sighted and norrow minded way. I know for a fact he was not accepted by his fellow team mates or by the majority of American’s. I for one will not allow anyone to spoil my enjoyment. In this enduring contempory classic of the Jamaican sprinting team, chances are either you enjoyed the superior quality of sprinting and the rhythmical dancing by Mr Bolt after each race or you knew someone who did or both. I’ll always remember the rhythmical jumping of Shelly-Ann Fraser after her 100m sprint win, and Asafa Powell after the relay. If Lewis wishes to have the Jamaican Olympic team as a thorn in his flesh than it is his choice. Let us all continue with our celebration and bask in our glory. The Jamaican Olympic team is a credit to themselves, family and Jamaican’s at home and abroad. Congratulation and continued success in all their endeavours. I salute you all.

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